Can I even do this?

I don’t want to blog about it, I don’t want to even talk about it. That sucked. Really, this whole week sucked. 7 miles defeated me, I defeated myself. I’ve got a handful of excuses, but excuses aren’t ok.

My goal to not miss a run went out the window on Tuesday. Guess what, it went out the window every day this week. My daughter plays softball, a lot if softball and it’s near the end of the season. That means all-stars and travel are squeezing all they can into the last few weeks. Add that to running 3 businesses and well I’m busy. I’m questioning if I’m too busy to even try to do this. We literally had something every night last week. One night we had 3 softball games in 2 locations about 40 min apart.

I had high hopes for today’s 7 miles. I wore my running gear to the 1st softball game and planned to run between games. I had it mapped out.


I headed out and felt great the 1st 1.25 miles. I was excited this is what my 7 miles would look like.


Solitude. Alone. Time with just my thoughts. Peace. Quiet. Boy was I wrong. This was one of the few moments cars weren’t whipping past me.

Then, the 74 breezy degrees that I thought would be a comfortable weren’t. The sun beating down on me kept me from cooling off even with the breeze. At one point I hoped for spontaneous rain, a sprinkler, a creek, any source of water my body could get in. I found this, but a fence surrounded it and I probably would have gotten malaria or something crazy.


I even thought about asking this woman for a ride the rest of the way.


My ITB hurt. I ran out of kt tape last weekend and my order didn’t come. I needed it.

Can I even do this? It sucks having 2 bad weeks in a row. I really hope next week is better. That’s my only goal, a better week.


One thought on “Can I even do this?

  1. Everyone has their down weeks! It’s like that in running, especially if you’re fitting it into a hectic schedule! Even pro runners have bad weeks, and they get paid to run, so don’t beat yourself up over yours. I’m sure you’ll be back on the wagon, not that golf cart, soon enough.

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