Something you should know about me…

…I’m a crybaby. Yes, I’m one of those girls that can cry at the slightest thing, even things you wouldn’t think would make a gal cry. Here’s how it’s running related: I cry thinking about the miles I’ll cover; I cry thinking about the moment I finish my 1st marathon; I cry thinking about my races in February at Disney; I cry thinking about the 1st time I run through the castle at Disney World; I cry taking off my KT tape (ok, not really); and I cried today because of something my SIL said and sent. SIL, I know you’ll read this, and you should know, along with everyone else, that knowing that made me cry. I know people read this because I can see the stats, but knowing someone reads this, follows me, and cares really means a lot. So, after I fight off the tears from finding out my blog is being read and I’m being encouraged because I had a couple of crappy running weeks I get a text with a picture. It was something like this:

Same saying, different image. KNOWING what I accomplised will be amazing, and thinking of that made me cry. It’s thoughts about things like how I will feel after I cross that finish line, that I will carry that memory for a lifetime that keep me going.

Thanks, SIL and everyone else, for all the encouragement.

P.S. Something else you should know about me is my grammar is awful, and I’m not much of a writer, but I’m sure you’ve figured that out by now. Good thing this is a running blog and not a grammar blog. Hopefully, you’ll look past all that and stick around because the best is yet to come.


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