Changing plan, I guess

As you know from reading previous posts I’ve had a hard time getting runs in the past few weeks. It didn’t get better, this past weekend I was to do a 9 mile run and it didn’t happen. We were in Ohio for a huge softball tournament (World Series) and I had a birth. No way can I make up for the missed runs and not being able to get a long run in is a huge setback. I don’t want to do it, I’m bitter about having to do it, but I’m changing my plans. I’ll do Monumental as a 1/2, Glass Slipper Challenge (GSC) as planned, and then do my full in 2014. The positive is I can really work on adding more distance over time. With the 1/2 in November and GSC in February I’ll keep my weekend mileage higher. This will give me a leg up when I start marathon training again. Don’t leave though, I’ll still blog and all of these changes are still part of my journey to 26.2.

How do you handle the time commitment? I have a hard time honoring that I need my time, that I need something for me and making it a priority. In the past and a few times this season, I’ve ran to softball practice, but because of schedules that didn’t always work out. I’ve ran at 11pm, and still didn’t get them all in. Looking for ways to get it all done.


One thought on “Changing plan, I guess

  1. Tonya, don’t feel down because your plans have changed. Goals are flexible, as you have shown! It might take longer to get there, but you will get to 26.2. Some additional time of distance running won’t hurt your preparation either, so when it comes in 2014 you’ll be better prepared for it.
    I also struggle with fitting runs in around work and life. The last 2 weeks have been horrendous. But it’s about finding time. Runs to/from work, early runs (you do get used to them, I promise) or late night runs are the way I get them in. If I miss a long run, I’ll often do 2 short/medium runs back-to-back. Run the first after work, the next the following morning before work. This gets your mileage up, but the second run is done with fatigue so helps ‘replicate’ a log run. I learnt that one from an article about Paula Radcliffe. Except her back-to-backs were 15 miles because she is a superhuman…

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