Let’s talk about food, energy and supplements on long runs. I struggle with this. I know I need to work on my food intake in the days before long runs as well as the day of. During my long runs I’ve used gu, sport beans, bloks, and honey. Bloks are out. I had to cut them into quarters because they were too big and chewy. Sport beans aren’t so bad, but are a touch to sweet and processed tasting. Honey, I had a bad race the time I used it. I had some weird things happen. I thought I was going to pass out, my vision was double, fuzzy, and going black. I felt anxious, and almost like I was drunk. Honestly, it probably wasn’t the honey and I should try it again, but it makes me nervous. I can’t remember how I felt about gu so I’ll try it again.

I’ve heard a little about ENERGYbits. I’d like to try them, but the price tag has held me back. Not too expensive if I knew I liked them, but a little much to give them a try. Anyone tried them? What’s your review?

What else have you tried? What world for you? What doesn’t work?


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