I’ve been sidelined. Not by an injury you would anticipate from a runner training for their first marathon I’ve been sidelined by a concussion and post concussion syndrome. I feel drunk. Not fun, having a great time with friends drunk, but hang on to stop the room from spinning drunk.

This is week 8, 1/2 marathon is the distance I’m supposed to run this weekend. I had hopes earlier this week I’d be able to, but the symptoms have lingered and I’m fairly certain it won’t happen. I haven’t given up hope on doing it Sunday, but being realistic and cautious. I have no idea how to adjust my schedule for this blip.




One thought on “Sidelined

  1. First and foremost, don’t train if you’re still sick. A concussion is serious and you should take it seriously. If you feel you need to train, try cross training like bike or swim, in a gym where if you feel any side effects, you can stop and get attention.

    Don’t stress about missing a week, goals are flexible, just adjust the time goal for the marathon to account for the loss of a week. In terms of adjusting your schedule, start from where you left off, and then spread your distance you’ve lost across your remaining runs. You’ll see you probably only need to add a half mile to each to recover the lost training – ie not very much and nothing to stress about. Although – don’t add the extra distance to your longest runs. If its your first marathon don’t go beyond 20 miles and don’t be tempted to cut out a cutback week or reduce your taper. Doing that will certainly impact your race a lot more than a week off running!

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