Can I even do this?

I don’t want to blog about it, I don’t want to even talk about it. That sucked. Really, this whole week sucked. 7 miles defeated me, I defeated myself. I’ve got a handful of excuses, but excuses aren’t ok.

My goal to not miss a run went out the window on Tuesday. Guess what, it went out the window every day this week. My daughter plays softball, a lot if softball and it’s near the end of the season. That means all-stars and travel are squeezing all they can into the last few weeks. Add that to running 3 businesses and well I’m busy. I’m questioning if I’m too busy to even try to do this. We literally had something every night last week. One night we had 3 softball games in 2 locations about 40 min apart.

I had high hopes for today’s 7 miles. I wore my running gear to the 1st softball game and planned to run between games. I had it mapped out.


I headed out and felt great the 1st 1.25 miles. I was excited this is what my 7 miles would look like.


Solitude. Alone. Time with just my thoughts. Peace. Quiet. Boy was I wrong. This was one of the few moments cars weren’t whipping past me.

Then, the 74 breezy degrees that I thought would be a comfortable weren’t. The sun beating down on me kept me from cooling off even with the breeze. At one point I hoped for spontaneous rain, a sprinkler, a creek, any source of water my body could get in. I found this, but a fence surrounded it and I probably would have gotten malaria or something crazy.


I even thought about asking this woman for a ride the rest of the way.


My ITB hurt. I ran out of kt tape last weekend and my order didn’t come. I needed it.

Can I even do this? It sucks having 2 bad weeks in a row. I really hope next week is better. That’s my only goal, a better week.



After reading a Another Mother Runner blog post with a recipe using Nuttzo and listening to the podcast where they talked to the inventor I had to try it. I wasn’t sure I’d like it because it’s chunky and I don’t care for hazelnuts or Brazil nuts, but I like it. Now, to make the recipe that started this and find the creamy version.


Check out nuttzo if you want more info.

P.s. they have a peanut free option and I wasn’t contacted by or given anything for this post.

Week 1 and I’m doubting myself

Week 1 of Hal Higdon’s novice marathon training plan is done. Let me tell you, it kinda sucked. I didn’t get my 3 miles in on Wednesday or Thursday. I hoped the extra rest would help with my long run this weekend, but it didn’t.

I got the long run, 6, in over the weekend. It was rough and was a run/walk combo, but I’m ok with the time I made. I knew it was going to be a challenge when I pulled the plug on my entertainment fairly early in my run because it was bothering me. Sometimes, usually when I’m pushing myself, music and podcasts are too much stimulus when I’m running.

The high five, during my long run, from the random stranger passing by was much appreciated, and helpful. It’s not the 1st time I’ve gotten encouragement from a passerby, but it reminded me how nice it is, how helpful it is, and that I was going to pass it on.

I know I can do this, I can finish a marathon, I will finish a marathon. During my long run I had to fight the mental battle, and encourage myself. The 1st half was the hardest. I had to really fight that voice that said to call for a ride because I couldn’t do it. I didn’t let that voice win, and the feeling of accomplishment came from beating that voice as much as from completing the run. Distance running is as much mental training as it is physical. My mind can easily get the best of me, but I’m determined it won’t.

Goals for the week: get ALL my runs in; get to the chiropractor for an adjustment; watch my food intake especially before my long run(JalapeƱo chips before the long run caused some heartburn. Oops!); and give encouragement to runners I see while running.

Week 3, the end of pre-training, done

It’s about to get even more real! Yesterday was the last pre-training run, my 18 week marathon training plan is starting.

3, 3, 3, 5

I was very pleased with my 3 3 mile runs. They were all fairly easy and I had great times. The only down was having to do them on a treadmill because of the heat.

I wasn’t looking forward to 5 miles on the treadmill and had to squeeze them into an already busy weekend. Running 3 businesses, having a daughter that plays travel softball as well as for a rec team, another young kiddo, life in general, and summer weather means I need to get runs in when I can and waiting thinking I’ll have time later often backfires. When I had time it was pouring so I hesitantly headed to the gym. Got there thinking I had just enough time to get it in before they closed and the deadline would push me to not slow down. I was wrong about closing time and they were closing in 15 minutes. So, running outside was the only option. The rain had stopped so I picked a local park with a path to run, and headed out. I didn’t realize how many hills there were. I’ve driven around this area a lot, you don’t notice those hills when your in the car. I was disappointed I had to do some walking even before I hit 3 miles, I can run that easily, but I still covered 5 miles, and still made good time. The hello and high 5 from friends as I passed Mrs Curls was a nice boost. The rain held off until about mile 3 and then it was a nice, light, refreshing rain. I even sat down to stretch an contemplated napping right there because the rain felt so good.

During my post 5 mile cold, and slightly icy ice bath I started thinking about how the run really wasn’t that bad. I didn’t hit a point where I have to force myself to keep going and I felt like I could have gone further if I had to. I was feeling pretty confident until the thought crept in that I’d have to do that same run over 5 times to log a marathon. While the 5 felt good and I could have gone further I couldn’t have done it 4 more times. I have to keep in the moment, not look ahead to the 20 mile run or really even the 26 mile race because I start doubting myself. I have to remember I have 18 weeks that build on each other and that will get me where I need to be by 11/2. The excitement of finishing a week and being able to do it pushes me to the next week.

On tap for this week are 3, 3, 3, 6.

My 3 mile runs didn’t result in any discomfort during or after, but my itb felt a little off during the 5. I’ve been bad about getting adjusted this past week and I think that was part of it. My chiropractor, Dr Kristen Hartwell, is on vacation so I’ll have to wait until next week, but I’ll use KT Tape for my long run and possibly the last two 3 milers.

Week 2 – DONE

I’m pretty happy with how training went this week. 3, 2, 3, and 4.

Day one got done even though our good friends were having beer by the fire and I had to run past them at the very start of my run. Knowing they were waiting on me made me push it a little more. That little push also made it harder than usual, but I did my own version of the Galloway method it and made it. (Ran the 1st mile, and did a couple of .10 mile walks the last 2 miles.) If you aren’t familiar with Jeff Galloway and his run/walk method you should check it out.

Day two should have been 3 miles, but I just wasn’t feeling it while out running. I cut it short, and felt a little guilty when I got home because I knew I could have made it.

Day three I was taped and ready. Those miles were the best last weekday run I’ve had in a while. Typically, I find my last run of the week to be the hardest physically and mentally. Add to the usual challenges the change in what days I run, every other to back to back, and the last day is usually even harder.

Day four’s four miles felt wonderful and I even had negative splits. The splits weren’t huge, but even seconds count, right?

The last two days were on the treadmill because it’s warming up quite a bit. While treadmill running is dull and boring it does help me keep a steady pace and a faster pace than outside. I passed the time today by starting a miniseries on Netflix. It really helped make the time pass more quickly and now I think I need someone to drive in front of me with a big screen tv when I do my 20 mile run.

Another positive from the week is my left hip pain has decreased significantly. I started thinking my SI joint pain was possibly glute and/or ITB related. I taped my glute and ITB and had very little pain. Not sure if it was the tape or my body getting used to the training. I did notice, late in the week, I often pop my left hip out when I’m standing or giving a massage. I’m wondering if this plays into my issues to and will be conscientous of trying not to do it.

Next week…3, 3, 3, 5. This will be my last week of “pre-plan training” and I’ll officially start following Hal Higdon’s novice 1 marathon training plan.

Week 2 of pre-plan training

My plan for the week is to do 3 miles on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and 4 over the weekend. Working on adjusting to running back-to-back days again, and an increase in distance.

My SI joint, left glute, and ITB have been bothering me, after running, for the past few weeks. As the week progresses it gets worse, and then improves with a few days of rest. Hopefully, it’s just the increase in intensity, and distance, and will stop as my body adjusts, but I’m concerned it will continue throughout training. I use my foam roller, and pinky ball after runs, and have added ice, a cold bath with epsom salt, and kt tape. I know I need to reincorporate more strength, particularly core, work to help minimize the pain I feel in these areas. If you have any tips please leave me a comment.

Here is a pinky ball:
2013-06-17 23.26.19

Big decisions week

I did it, this week I decided to stop just thinking about a marathon and I started training for the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon in November. Hoping Hal’s 18 week plan is the right one. I have a few extra weeks and I’m thankful for that. I’ve been running every other day and the plan has me running back to back days. I’ve done it, that’s how the plan was when I did the mini, but getting back into that is hard. I knew it would be. The 1st week’s long run goes straight to 6 weeks, but I’m going to take the extra weeks to work up to that. So, this weekend will be 3 or 4 miles.

On top of the marathon decision I registered for runDisney’s Glass Slipper Challenge, 10k with the Princess Half Marathon the next day. I get to do this with a good friend and I’m really excited. We are both in similar places with our running. I’ve been an on and off runner for years. I started with 5k races about 10 years ago. Stopped and started again due to foot surgery, a baby, and honestly laziness. Then, did a couple of 1/2 marathons in 2011. Surgery and laziness struck again, but I’m back at it and I’m determined to not let the laziness get me again.

I’m excited, but nervous about my goals. I know I can achieve them, but I know it will take hard work, determination, and some pain. Follow me, and check back as I blog about training, races, and life.