Treadmill: friend or foe

10 miles. I did a 10 mile run over the weekend! For some that is huge, others it’s just a normal run. For me, it’s pretty big. I know I can do 13 miles, I’ve done it before, but that was a few years ago and a few pounds lighter. I did a marathon relay in April, my leg was 7 miles, and it sucked. So, I thought with those factors and not having logged many miles over the past few weeks that the 10 miler would likely be a fail. It wasn’t though! I actually teared up, remember I’m a cry baby, during mile 9, when I looked at my mileage and saw 10.01, and again while stretching. It wasn’t because of pain, but joy and accomplishment. If I could have let the whole gym know I just ran 10 miles I would have.

Did you catch I said gym in that last sentence? I said it because I did those 10 miles on a treadmill. I’ve been asked why a few times. Unlike a lot of runners I know the treadmill is my friend and here are my reasons: I know where the bathroom is should the need arise; I know the bathroom is clean; I knew the temp wouldn’t climb too high while I was running; I can keep a steady pace; I don’t fear for my life; I don’t feel lame when I take a walk break; and if I get bored entertainment is easier and that can help me keep going. Here is what all that tells you about me. 1) Yes, I have bathroom issues. I need the to be clean and accessible. You know sometimes a runner has to go and being a mom and runner adds a whole new issue. 2) I have a small window of temps I like to run in. 3) I start out too fast and run out of steam. 4) Running on roads sometimes scares me. I wonder if people see runners or just don’t care. Most of the time people are courteous, slow down, and move over, but not always. I’d rather not die or injure myself by jumping out of the way. 5). I sometimes take walk breaks. Often I find it’s because my mind, not my body, told me I needed it. Don’t ask why walking makes me feel lame. 6) This one went out during the 10 miler. I did it all with just the gym music because I forgot my headphones. I thought I’d need a show, or movie, but I didn’t. I did text a few times and that was a helpful distraction. (The encouragement from A and L was great. Thanks, friends.) That gives me hope that the marathon won’t seem so boring. I’ll just be the runner texting.

How about you is the treadmill your friend or foe?

See!!! I did it!!!!